Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

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Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

What is a
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell?

Most fuel cells are powered by hydrogen, which can be fed to the fuel cell system directly or can be generated within the fuel cell system by reforming hydrogen-rich fuels such as methanol, ethanol, and hydrocarbon fuels. A Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFCs) is powered by pure methanol, which is mixed with steam and fed directly to the fuel cell anode.

Direct Methanol Fuel Cells do not have many of the fuel storage problems typical of some fuel cells since methanol has a higher energy density than hydrogen—though less than gasoline or diesel fuel. Methanol is also easier to transport and supply to the public using our current infrastructure since it is a liquid, like gasoline.

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology is relatively new compared to that of fuel cells powered by pure hydrogen, and Direct Methanol Fuel Cell research and development are roughly 3-4 years behind that for other fuel cell types.


Clean Power Generation  

Running on "green fuel" such as Biomethane, B100 Biodiesel, Synthesis Gas or natural gas, our CHP Systems are the greenest "clean power generation" systems available as they generate no new greenhouse gas emissions or other hazardous air pollutants.

Our clean power generation systems are a superior "micro-grid" and demand side management solution for data centers, hospitals, universities, municipal utility districts and new real estate developments/subdivisions seeking "net zero energy" solutions.


Our "Integrated" CHP Systems (Cogeneration and Trigeneration) Plants 
Have Very  High Efficiencies, Low Fuel Costs & Low Emissions

The Effective Heat Rate of the CHP System below is 4100 btu/kW 
with an overall System Efficiency of 92%.

The CHP System below is Rated at 900 kW and Features:
(2) Natural Gas Engines @ 450 kW each on one Skid with Optional 
Selective Catalytic Reduction
system that removes Nitrogen Oxides to "non-detect."


Our CHP Systems may be the best solution for your company's economic and environmental sustainability as we "upgrade" natural gas to clean power with our clean power generation solutions.

Our Emissions Abatement solutions reduce Nitrogen Oxides to "non-detect" which means our CHP Systems can be installed and operated in most EPA non-attainment regions!




What is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell?

Hydrogen fuel cell's potential use in fuel and energy applications includes powering vehicles, running turbines or fuel cells to produce electricity, and generating heat and electricity for buildings. The current focus is on hydrogen's use in fuel cells.

A fuel cell works like a battery but does not run down or need recharging. It will produce electricity and heat as long as fuel (hydrogen) is supplied. A fuel cell consists of two electrodes—a negative electrode (or anode) and a positive electrode (or cathode)—sandwiched around an electrolyte. Hydrogen is fed to the anode, and oxygen is fed to the cathode. Activated by a catalyst, hydrogen atoms separate into protons and electrons, which take different paths to the cathode. The electrons go through an external circuit, creating a flow of electricity. The protons migrate through the electrolyte to the cathode, where they reunite with oxygen and the electrons to produce water and heat. Fuel cells can be used to power vehicles or to provide electricity and heat to buildings.


We support the Renewable Energy Institute and the American Energy Plan by donating a portion of our profits to the Renewable Energy Institute.  The time has come for America to become energy independent and to begin the transition away from fossil fuels by increasing the amount of clean, renewable energy in the USA.  The first step toward this goal is ending purchases of foreign oil from OPEC/Middle-east - No Foreign Oil!  

Renewable energy generates no; Carbon Emissions, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Greenhouse Gas Emissions or Hazardous Air Pollutants. Increased renewable energy production in the U.S. generates new American jobs while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.  With oil at $100/barrel, America spends 1/2 Trillion dollars every year buying foreign oil.

The Renewable Energy Institute is "Changing The Way The World Makes and Uses Energy by Providing Research & Development, Funding and Resources That Creates Sustainable Energy via 'Carbon Free Energy,' 'Clean Power Generation' and 'Pollution Free Power' Through Expanding the use of Renewable Energy Technologies.


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Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - DMFC


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